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"Beginnings, Middles and Ends"



Wilcox’s installations vary widely in materials and structure. They are however inspired by the similar concepts around her Constructs series, using mixed media consisting of salvaged and unexpected materials to create a reimagined understanding of our constructed environment and how our brain works to piece together diverse elements. 


Migratory Marks Installations

Wilcox’s installation series, “Migratory Marks” blurs the line between drawing and sculpture and takes you on a spontaneous journey through line, light and space.


Made from clay and covered in graphite, each sculpted “pencil mark” communicates its distinctive gestural energy which gives it a unique life of its own, yet is part of a larger whole. These marks play inventively with their own shadows which, when cast upon the wall, become two-dimensional representations of the original drawings. Together, all these elements become a collective force, suggesting a kind of group migration that twists, turns, curls and bends in and around the space, engaging you in a whimsical, yet refined excursion to an unknown destination.

© 2019 Valerie Wilcox